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I'm so sorry

Invisible Women
I'm so sorry
By Caroline Criado Perez • Issue #62 • View online
Well, I’m mortified. As many of you have written to me to point out, there was an incredibly unfortunate typo in the first paragraph of today’s letter. I am so sorry. I did of course mean to type “burn their kits” not “burn their kids”. I am horrified to have missed that and so sorry that my carelessness in any way detracted from the importance of the message. I have updated the online version but there is unfortunately nothing I can do about the emails already in your inbox. All I can do is apologise again and promise to do my best to proofread better in future. I’m including again the links to ways you can help.
Your mortified GFP,
Caroline x

Rossalyn Warren
women journalists in Afghanistan are among the most at-risk populations in the country for reasons of revenge and retribution. The @IWMF is providing aid to women journalists in-need and those attempting to flee. You can donate here
Women for Afghan Women - 20 Years of Afghan Women Strong
Women for Women Intl
We’re closely monitoring the situation unfolding in #Afghanistan. Our team is safe. They are very sad, but calm, and sheltering in place. We are so proud of them and the work they do serving #afghanistanwomen and their families across the country. 1/6
Petition · Pres. Biden and Congress: Ensure Afghan women’s rights alongside peace with the Taliban ·
Petition · Protect the freedom and safety of Afghan women and girls ·
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