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Invisible Women: women's bodies are not a resource for you to exploit

Invisible Women
Invisible Women: women's bodies are not a resource for you to exploit
By Caroline Criado Perez • Issue #103 • View online

GFPs!!! I’m so sorry you didn’t get a newsletter this Monday – I promise it’s all in a good cause though as the reason is simply that I’ve been working so hard on the podcasts – which I hope you’re enjoying! Just a quick little update this morning to remind you that the latest episode drops TODAY and you can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.
And if you need any further encouragement, we just had a LOVELY write up in the Sunday Times:
Also a reminder that GFP members get free access to the weekly bonus episodes, and, if I do say so myself, this one’s a CORKER (like, srsly, bombshell after bombshell) and well worth listening to, so do take a moment to activate your 3 months free Tortoise membership. If you can’t remember how to do it, you can find the details in this newsletter and also I posted the details in the members’ area.
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Gender data gap of the week
Repeat after me, Paul:
“Women’s bodies are not a costless resource for me to exploit.”
For more details, see Invisible Women pp.xv-324, available at all good bookshops, plus the not-so-good ones too.
You’re welcome.
Default male of the week
Hannah Marsden
Tell me you consider females lesser without telling me you think females are lesser @CrealyResort @CCriadoPerez
I am DED. RIP me ☠️
In other news, I very much enjoyed this listener’s innovative response to an issue we explored in last week’s bonus episode
edie! edi! edié!
My voice activated devices used to ignore me most times until I discovered that making my requests with the exact cadence of Matt Berry as Toast literally worked every time
There’s only one possible response to this tweet
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Exciting homework this week, GFPs! So, first of all, LISTEN to episode 4 of the Visible Women podcast and get all fired up! And THEN CLICK HERE to send an email to EuroNCAP demanding transparency in consumer testing. Let’s DO this!
Poppy pic of the week
moody side-eye
moody side-eye
That’s it! Until next time, my dear GFPs….xoxoxo
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Keeping up with the gender data gap (and whatever else takes my fancy). Like the Kardashians, but with more feminist rage. Plus, toilet queue of the week.

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