Invisible Women: Default Female Space Dogs

My dear GFPs! These Wednesday missives are becoming a habit -- but I promise it's not one that's going to stick. We will be returning to our usual Monday morning scheduled programming in short order.I had actually intended to give you a Monday edition this week but, well, I got some truly devastating life-upending news on Friday and it threw out my plans. I am not going to write about that today, but I expect I will write about it at some point in the future. It has brought so much of my work into focus for me in a deeply personal way; I think the writing will probably be inevitable.In the meantime, I bring you happier news, of this week's episode which is on a topic that I know is very close to GFPs' hearts: POCKETS. And the baffling lack thereof in women's clothing. Join me and the rest of the Visible Women gang as we do the DEEPEST OF DIVES into this perennial problem, and try to get to the bottom of a mystery I first raised back in an earlier edition of this newsletter, The Curious Case of Percy Pig & the Missing Pocket.You can listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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