Love your newsletters. You make me laugh although it’s so serious and enraging. I haven’t order wifedom yet but I will.

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Hi Caroline, I am interested to see what you are working on in regards to medical negligence / maternity negligence. Following the delivery of my daughter, an internal investigation was raised by Women's Services on the negligence and subsequent actions that led to life threatening events for myself. The investigation was not instigated by myself and i find it strange that I was not addressed or involved in the process. Some 6 / 7 months I received a report in the post notifying me of the investigation and of their findings. I never took any action even though gross negligence was admitted and i put that down to really not knowing what my medical rights are and being a vulnerable new mother who was just grateful to be alive along with her newborn. In hindsight, I wish i had acted upon receiving the report to ask for further information at least but the investigation was presented in such wording that was 'this is what happened, and that's that'. A few years later and the daily occurrence of whether i could find it in myself to trust in the medical care system to look after me should I fall pregnant again means that i will probably make the difficult decision to not extend my family (if i was able to). How are we in 2023 and women's maternity care is where it is? Well, i know, how. We all do.

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Interesting about the anesthetics. I am quite insensitive to the local aesthetic is routinely used by dentists in Canada. It takes me about 30min to react but the expected time is 5 min. I had to change dentists because my old one (guess the gender) refused to change his timing (oh damn! I gave it away!). Does someone know if this is an effect related to the sex of the patient? I did a PubMed search but couldn't find anything except confirmation that the expected time is 5 minutes.

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Hi, Caroline. I learned something very interesting today. I went to my chiropractor and told him I’d recently started taking a statin he said the research shows that it hardly works for men and never for women. He recommended this book:


And this is not the only book/article/research about this issue AND IT’S BEEN SEX-DISAGGREGATED. Hurrah!

Wondered if it could be a topic for you to explore in the future?

Thank you for your newsletters - I always enjoy them.

Take care and give Poppy a fuss from me.


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This thanks for another great newsletter. The bit about anaesthesia got me thinking about this book I'd heard about through twitter https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hysterical-Exploding-Myth-Gendered-Emotions/dp/1838853235?ref=d6k_applink_bb_dls&dplnkId=e1041922-5ba0-40f0-892a-1df5bdca9a15 by Professor Pragya Agarwal which looked interesting and came up after discussions on the myth that women have a higher pain threshold than men. My TBR is so long atm 😬. Really enjoying Wifedom btw, thanks for recommendation

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