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TAKE TWO: Invisible Women: TOXIC interview

TAKE TWO: Invisible Women: TOXIC interview

I talk to Sarah Ditum about all things women, fame and the noughties MINUS DEFAULT MALE SNAFU

Well…turns out Riverside HAS DEFAULT MALE AI. Who would have thought it?! Hence all the weird garbled bits in the version I sent out originally: the AI does not like female voices or female laughter. How very Handmaid’s Tale of it. This is a version where I did not select “normalise audio” and “delete background noise” when I exported and LO AND BEHOLD, the audio is fine in this one….

My very dear GFPs, I know I KNOW, it’s me AGAIN! Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a habit, it’s just there’s been A LOT to talk about recently…and then I just really wanted to bring you this very exciting interview with Sarah Ditum the author of the new HOT book about town, TOXIC: Women, Fame and the Noughties (see here for a great review in the FT).

Free subscribers will get a short version of the interview; fully paid up GFPs get the FULL FAT version, complete with more detail, more feminist analysis, more top jokes and more scurrilous gossip and of course more of my excellent Southern accent. Highlights INCLUDE:

  • an EXCLUSIVE on Sarah’s reasons for choosing nine women (it involves classical mythology because as well as being a messy b**** who lives for drama, Sarah is also extremely classy and erudite)

  • A SEARING analysis from me of how Sarah is personally to blame for Donald Trump

  • My BRACING thoughts on how we need to bring more of American football to the variety played by the rest of the world

  • More IN-DEPTH analysis of Fight Club

  • Our musings on the PRESSING question of whether any noughties social media company was NOT founded on perving on women (not sure we answer that one tbh)

  • The URGENT question of whether you’re allowed to be sexy in your mid 30s PLUS! our own opinions on our 30-something boobs

  • A short RANT on Gen-Z bringing back 90s fashion

  • And genuinely much more more! We did originally even bring the AB on to discuss what it was REALLY like living through Nipplegate as a teenage boy in the United States….but sadly his responses have been lost to history as he brought himself in as a producer rather than a guest and so all you can hear is me and Sarah cracking up on and off for about 3 minutes — which is fun in its own way, but probably not worth anyone other than me listening to.

That’s it! Look forward to hearing thoughts in the comments! Would you like more of this kind of thing (I hope so because I really enjoyed doing it!) I’m now away for a couple of weeks, so barring some kind of feminist DISASTER you won’t be hearing from me until later in November, but hopefully you’ve had enough of a glut from me over the past couple of weeks to satisfy your hunger / be desperate for a break from me. So…until next time, my dear GFPs! xoxoxo

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